We are a fast-growing company providing Clients around the world with high quality services in the field of car trade for many years.

We focus on creating an effective, and user-friendly device which could constitute the basis for an effectual communication between all the Users of our Service. Together we create one of the friendliest, most effective and most modern car trade website in the world.

Our biggest asset is unheard ease of the access to thousands of adverts from different countries and service transparency. Due to systematic selection of ads, we provide only high-quality offers, save User's time and increase search accuracy. NEXT-CARS and our partner services reaches millions of users from all around the world.

Day by day we are trying to get closer to our Users' needs and meet their expectations. We still work on upgrading our services, and are open to any suggestions that could become useful in order to modify or improve our Service.


Our main goal is to create an effective car trade service. Each day we make very effort to make our platform an effective and recommendable partner.

Our priority is to satisfy our Clients needs and expectations in a professional way. We really wish to strengthen our Company's prestige and promote economic growth.

By implementing the most innovative solutions and functionalities we want to improve our services persistently.


NEXT-CARS Management and Office Staff